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Campaign Architecture

Promotion strategies and tactical execution

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A good campaign architecture ensures that your marketing is delivered in a structured manner that always advances the customer in the sales funnel. It's an over-simplification, but you can think of the steps of any sales flow as Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. (Retention is an often overlooked next step.) 

From a macro point of view, a good campaign architecture considers the prospect's position at any stage, and utilizes all relevant tools, such as advertising, landing pages, web UX, email journeys, and marketing automation to get them further down in the funnel. 

For a very basic B2C example of how this might work, say we captured someone's interest through a google ad. Now, they know who you are, and that you offer a potentially suitable product or service (awareness). They click to your landing page, learn more (consideration) and go on to purchase the offering (decision). Another user follows the same process, but doesn't follow through with the transaction. An option to keep in touch for special offers captures their information in our database. We haven't lost that prospect. They're now captured in a database segmentation that enables us to customize or even personalize marketing for them, enticing them to purchase or consider other options that might fit them better. 

For every client, we put together a holistic campaign architecture that simplifies the execution of your tactics and brings unprecedented results. Don't lose customers because your marketing's disorganized!


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